Automatic vertical warehouses MODULA

Modula is an automatic rack system placed on a very small area which uses entire effective height of your warehouse. It can also be placed in an outdoor environment if you don’t have enough space in your warehouse. The whole warehouse should be encased by “sandwich” construction type.

modula-shuttle-system       15042-2410459

Modula – Parameters:

  • Productivity increased up to 4 times compared to static racks.
  • High safety – work at closed storage space.
  • Work board is always in ergonomic height.
  • Limitation of unloading mistakes.
  • Easy identification of operators and control of their work.
  • Optimal usage of indoor storage space and security (dust, theft etc.).
  • Enjoyable workspace and easy operation – satisfaction of operators.
  • System flexibility.
  • You can choose the height of device as you need (by 200 mm units).
  • The height can be later adjusted.
  • It is just necessary to comply with minimal and maximal height of the device.
  • Minimal space between the top of device and ceiling is 100 mm.
  • You can choose the height of a shelf (it´s load capacity) from 3 options to fit the stored material (200 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg or 900 kg). Height range from 2m to 14m is standard.
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