Vertical automatic warehouses


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YLOG is an expert at energy saving and scalable solutions. It offers a unique combination of professional knowledge, technology and safe investment. Company supply the market with innovative YLOG shuttles which are used for industrial, productive and distribution solutions in small or medium companies.

YLOG vehicles require new approaches because they allow previously unrealizable solutions.

Vehicles can move both in transverse and longitudinal direction thanks to their wheels rotating by 90? degrees. They can rotate on place as well. Traditional storage in rack systems with aisles can now be reconsidered and reassessed. YLOG vehicle can reach every position of rack system in the level. It can be done thanks to combination of transverse and longitudinal movements. Vehicles move in between different levels of racks using special lifts so a single vehicle can automatically operate the whole rack system. Movement freedom also allows using new rack systems. Even places with changing requirements can be made automatic (ceiling height, floor area arrangement etc.). Vehicle lifts allow connection for deposit and pick up from the front part of the rack, rear part of the rack and even from the side. System is growing with you. YLOG system works on the FIFO principal (“first in, first out”). This allows easy monitoring of shipments. In this way customer has continual control of warehouse stock and processing of all its components. Think different!


Vysoko rýchlostné vertikálne sklady


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Revolučný systém skladovania pomocou systému Effimat prináša nový rozmer skladovania. Ide o vysoko rýchlostný systém, ktorý umožňuje doteraz nevídané parametre vychystávania. Systém Effimat dokáže vychystať až 400 objednávok za hodinu čo je 4 – 5-krát rýchlejšie oproti tradičným VLM. Vládnu mu technológie dánskeho pôvodu a škandinávsky dizajn.

Jeho prednosťami sú:

  • 400% výkonnejší
  • 50% energeticky úspornejší
  • Jednoduchá a rýchla konfigurácia rozloženia a zapĺňania skladového tovaru
  • Otvorenie sa sklonom poskytuje optimálnu ergonómiu pre operátora
  • Prispôsobivý rôznym šírkam
  • Nový typ triedy B plášťa s redukciou šumu ako štandard
  • Možnosť integrovania dopravníkov, robotov, etc.
  • Špeciálne riešenia pre klimatizované priestory, cleanrooms a pre nízke teploty (do -20 stupňov celzia) sú vám k dispozícii
  • Voliteľný WMS Effisoft systém pre riadenie vášho materiálu do vášho ERP systému.

Objavte nový rozmer skladovania a kontaktujte nás.

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